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Take you to know body scrubbing cream in a few seconds!!

Time:2021-05-21 Views:313
Scrubbing cream refers to an emulsified cleansing product that contains uniform fine particles. It is mainly used to remove the dirt in the deep layers of the skin. By rubbing on the skin, it can peel off the aging scaly keratin and remove dead skin.
Scrubs can be divided into plant type, donkey milk type, coconut milk type, avocado type, chemical type and flower essential oil type according to their ingredients; scrubs can be divided into face and body based on care.
Scrubs can be divided into body scrubs and face scrubs. The effects of the two types are also different and cannot be used interchangeably. In addition, people with thin stratum corneum are not suitable for regular use of scrubs. The main function of the scrub is to remove excess dead skin cells and oil from the pores. To a certain extent, the pores can be kept in a healthy state. The method of using the scrub is very simple, just apply the scrub directly after moistening with water, and then massage the skin in circular motions with your fingertips.
Most Amida people use body scrubs to massage the surface of their skin 1-2 times a week. Why? Because doing so can make the skin more delicate, away from the state of coarse pores.
Apply the body scrub on the arm, and then rub it back and forth. The scrub particles in it will further rub the skin surface, let the aging stratum corneum fall off, the skin will appear delicate, the pores will become finer, and The skin will be more tender, which has been systematically demonstrated in the past. However, it must be noted that the frequency of using the scrub should not be too high. Generally speaking, once a week is enough. If the frequency is too high, it will cause the skin to lose the protection of the stratum corneum.
No skin is suitable for long-term use of body scrubs. Especially for sensitive skin, if your skin is oily, it is recommended that once a week is good, and do not use force.
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